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The ACCESS online portal is available free to all currently credentialed pastors of Australian Christian Churches. 

To sign in as a pastor, use your Pastor Code (as printed on your credential card) as your User name and use your current Email Address as your Password.

There are three main reasons why people have difficulty logging in:

  • The password is case-sensitive, so make sure you have your CAPS LOCK setting correct
  • Pastor codes are in the format AB01234 (AY BEE zero one two three four) - that is, two alphabetic upper-case characters, followed by five numeric digits - some people mistake the first numeric zero for the letter "O"
  • You may not have notified us of a change to your email address - you will need to login with the email address as recorded on the National Database, or alternatively, notify us of a new email address

If you are still having problems after that, please send us an email at:


telling us your full name and current email address and we will investigate and hopefully quickly fix the problem for you.

You may also find it helpful to check the box marked "Remember login", which will automatically sign you in next time you visit, but please do not use this feature if you are sharing your computer with others, or are accessing the online portal from a public library, internet cafe or other similar service.


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